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About Us

Our History


With 25+ years spent in commercial kitchens and over 20 years as a salaried Chef, my progression into coffee seemed only natural. With a well trained palate and the knowledge that it takes taste and aroma working together in unison to create a desirable flavor experience, I fell in love with the complexity of the roasting and brewing processes. Finally, my inner geek and control-freak personalities had found a sandbox that they could play together in, outside of a kitchen.

Our Philosophy


  Everyone should have a place. A locale where comfort and confidence go hand in hand. That venue where your swagger is on point and you are always at the top of your game.  A spot where memories are made and legends revered. A point that transcends geography and time to become your Happy Place.  

Whether it is the club downtown, the café on the corner, the water cooler at the office, or the far side of the living room sofa, let us help you find your Stomp-N-Grounds.    

Our Passions


Ethically sourced specialty coffee, roasted in small batches in Vienna, West Virginia, and offered seasonally; these are the things that get us excited. With a little technique and our roast in your cup, we are sure you will enjoy the outcome. After all, we are in the Flavor business, and who knows flavor better than a Chef?